Our Community Support Services

Our community support services help people from all walks of life at a time when they most need our support. Our services include expert support for the homeless, ex-offenders, people suffering from mental health issues, and floating support for the elderly.

Our aim throughout is to provide accessible, open-minded support that empowers people and helps them reach their personal goals.

Our services are as follows:

Older people

Older People CommunitySupport in North East Lincolnshire. Support specifically aimed at assisting older people in North East Lincolnshire maintain their independence in their own home, regardless of whether they live on a sheltered scheme, rent or own their home. Support includes regular safe and well calls, face-to-face checks and tailored support to promote independence. To talk about how our support could help you please call 01472 256393.

We also have residential care services for the elderly at Cranwell Court care home in Grimsby.

Mental Health

Community Support in East Lindsey for people with mental health problems. Our team can support up to 30 people who need assistance in managing their home and getting the most they can from life regardless of the type of housing you live in. To talk to a member of the team please call 01754 763123.

Support for vulnerable people including people with mental health issues, physical disability, drug / alcohol issues

Community Support in North East Lincolnshire.

Some of our supported service users took part in the mini olympics staff organised last yearTailored support in your own home to help you maintain your independence, regardless of the housing you live in. We consider a vulnerable adult to be a person who lacks the capacity or resources to access mainstream services on their own.


We work with the homeless and with people facing homelessness. This is offered through floating support or via  STEPS - emergency accommodation for people who are immediately homeless.

Support for ex-offenders

Our HARP project offers support and short-stay accommodation for ex-offenders through referrals from Humberside Probation.