What people say about us

Below is just some of the feedback from our latest stakeholder survey about our services:

"When mum came to Cranwell Court she was unable to walk.  You have worked with her to increase her confidence and become more mobile."

"Helen always goes above and beyond to empower the service user, whilst maintaining professional boundaries.  I have seen her input make a real difference." (stakeholder talking about our Commnutiy Support in North East Lincolnshire)

"The staff at Cranwell are very caring towards all residents and should be praised for their hard work and conscientious work."

"Really excellent, caring & knowledgeable – a key factor in my son maintaining his property."  (Realtive of a Commnuity Support service user)

"Very friendly staff, always very wiling to help" (referral agency talking about our STEPS / HARP programmes)

"Marion is worth her weight in gold.  She is extremely hard working, very efficient and very pleasant.  A treasure!" (stakeholder talking about our Older People's Community Support service in North East Lincolnshire)

"We can always talk to staff about mum." (stakeholder talking about our Older People's Communtiy Support)

"Ashley Court has always had excellent care. Could not wish for better. No task is too much for them."

"Ashley Court is the most outstanding care home in Britain.  I have visted many before I saw this one and nothing compares with it.  Everything and everyone is first class. It deserves an award."

"Nick has been an excellent avenue for emotional support and has helped the client to address problems with budgeting." (Professional working with a Mental Health Commnuity Support service user)