Housing for older people

As well as bungalows and ground floor flats that form part of our general needs housing, we also have a number of housing schemes for older people across Lincolnshire, North Eash Lincolnshire, and Nottinghamshire.

We provide secure, convenient and comfortable accommodation so you can lead a private and independent life in your own home within a friendly, caring community. Our schemes are designed to free you of the worries of major maintenance and repairs, gardening and financial concerns such as buildings insurance.

The communal lounge facility in every scheme enables tenants to make friends, share a social life and join in organised events reducing the likelihood of loneliness/isolation which many older people experience.

These schemes also offer additional support to help maintain and support ‘independence’ for older people. This support is provided either by a full or part time scheme manager or by visiting floating support workers.

Pet Friendly

 We understand that pets provide companionship, comfort and love. We recognise the benefits of owning a pet and therefore all our sheltered schemes are pet friendly. For more information about keeping a pet please read our pet policy page.

Our Sheltered Housing Schemes

Our Schemes with Floating Support

At the same time all schemes offer access to the reassurance of a 24 hour emergency call system to quickly summon help from an off-site control centre if required.

Within each local authority area there are local arrangements for applying for our homes.  You can also normally apply directly to us for sheltered housing accommodation.

View our properties that are currently avaliable to rent please visit our visit our Property Search website

For more information on Sheltered Housing contact the service centre on 0800 111 4013 or email us at the service.centre@longhurst-group.org.uk.

Alternatively you can express your interest in housing for older people by filling in our on-line form.