Our Pre-Tenancy Service

Once you have been nominated or successfully bid for one of our homes, your details will be forwarded to us by the local authroity and we will contact you and begin our pre-tenancy service.

We place great importance in our pre-tenancy service to our new customers. Our pre-tenancy service starts from the moment a customer has been provisionally selected for one of our homes, right through until the tenancy has commenced and we have completed the new tenant visit.

Our pre-tenancy service gives new customers an opportunity to learn about L&H Homes and helps us to understand the needs of our customers, giving tenancies the best possible start.

Our aims include:

  • A high quality customer focussed service to our new customers
  • A supported environment to assist customers in sustaining their tenancy
  • A pro-active and preventative approach to tenancy breaches including non-payment of rent.

If you have been selected for one of our homes we will carry out an introductory interview to assess your housing circumstances and understand your needs. For more information please read our Pre-Tenancy Service Leaflet.

It is very important that you check that you can afford the weekly rent and other household bills. When you sign your tenancy contract, you will also be asked to make your first rent payment.

To see where your money is going why not use our budget calculator . For more information about budgets and housing benefit please visit our income management section.