Right to buy

In July the government announced that the Right to Buy scheme may be extended to all housing association tenants.

The Government are still considering how Voluntary Right to Buy may work. The Government have set up a website: https://righttobuy.communities.gov.uk/am-i-eligible/housing-association-tenants/   which provides clearer guidance and information on the Right to Buy scheme and how it could affect your rights. Until the details of the voluntary scheme are confirmed we are not legally allowed to follow up enquiries. We will update this page as things become clearer so please check back for more information.

You may already have the Right to Buy as part of your tenancy agreement, if that’s the case then your rights are not affected by any of these changes and you can make an enquiry at any time. 

‘Right to Buy Could Open the Door’ - This useful government booklet tells you about the Right to Buy and the important things you should think about before you decide to apply, please click here to download the guide. 


April 2017 – update

The Government have issued a statement to confirm that due to the announcement of the General Election in June, the proposed second ‘Voluntary Right to Buy’ pilot scheme has been put on hold.

No further information will be issued by the Government until after the Election.  What they have said is that once the second pilot scheme is approved, it will run for another 12 months.

This means that we will not have any further details for you until at least May / June 2018.

Once we do find out, we will update you again.