Antisocial Behaviour

We are committed to tackling antisocial behaviour (ASB) firmly and fairly. We will take timely, effective and consistent action to tackle all forms of ASB at the earliest possible opportunity.  When doing so we will ensure that our response is reasonable and proportionate in terms of the scale and seriousness of the problem.

The links below explain our services:

Reporting ASB


Supporting Witnesses

You do not have to live with antisocial behaviour, or suffer in silence, please tell us using one of the following ways:

  • Complete an on-line form
  • E-mailing:
  • In person at one of our area offices. Please contact 0800 111 40 13 to arrange an appointment with a member of our Neighbourhood Team
  • Telephoning our customer service centre on 0800 111 40 13
  • In writing

If the nuisance or antisocial behaviour involves criminal activity or the threat of violence, you should contact the police. You should also report the incident to us as soon as possible.

ASB comes in many forms and we have more information about these below. To report a case of ASB online please click here.

For more information please click on the links below:

Race and Hate Incidents

Abusive, Threatening or Violent Behaviour

Drug Misuse

Domestic Abuse
 - For more help and advice on Domestic abuse please visit the Women's Aid website.