Different ways of getting involved

 We have developed lots of different ways for you to get involved with us so you can choose your level of involvement in areas that interest you.

To find out how our involvement opportunities work, you can take a look at our inolvement structure below.

 View our resident and community involvement structure.

Each offer unique ways of getting involved with us and if you would like to know more, please visit our publications area or contact us on 0800 111 4013 and ask for Leanne Potter, Sue Crask our Community Involvement Officers or Anne Vaughan our Customer Services Manager or register your interest in getting involved by filling in our 'Opportunities for Involvement' online form.

Resident Involvement also has a Service Standard which sets out our commitment to involving as many residents as possible in the decisions made about their homes and the services they receive.

We want to know your view - How are things looking from where you're sitting?

Get involved from the comfort of your own home

For more information about our Reading Group and Mystery Shopping please click on the leaflet

You can apply to be a mystery shopper by clicking here to fill in the online form


Help point us in the right direction

Get involved in our Resident Panels and give us your views on developing key policies and procedures

Get involved in one of four panel groups once a quater for up to 4 hours. These are:

  • Your Home Review Group (Repairs)
  • Resident Involvement and Customer Service Review Group
  • Neighbourhood and Communities Review Group
  • Income and Pre-tenancy Review Group

Fore more information about these groups please click on the leaflet.

Make and impact

Would you like to get to know your neighbours and staff, and create safer, cleaner communities to promote pride where you live?

For more information about taking part in our Neighbourhood Walkabouts or becoming an Estate Champion please click on the leaflet.

Built to meet your needs

There are a number of ways to get involved in building better neighbourhoods and communities

For more information about being part of our Development Committee or Design and Quality group  please click on the leaflet.  


Get Involved

Would you like to improve your communication skills and gain better understanding of specific areas of our business? Want to help us improve our services and the local community?

There are a number of ways to get on board including:

  • One-off Focus Groups
  • Resident Associations and Forums
  • Community Development Groups
  • Visiting our community vehicle when it's in a neighbourhood near you

Fore more information about these groups please click on the leaflet