Getting Online

At L&H Homes we are committed to helping residents to learn the skills they need to take advantage of the benefits available to them by being online.  We understand that there are a number of reasons and challenges to why some people are not accessing online services;

  • Access – Having the ability to get online and connect to the internet
  • Skills & Confidence - Being able to use the internet or IT devices
  • Motivation – Not having an understanding the reasons why using the internet is a good thing
  • Trust - Not knowing where to start or trusting the internet

Using the internet for everyday activities has many benefits. These include;

  • Saving Money – Discounts for managing your bills online, online discount codes and offer
  • Saving Time – Process are quicker and available is 24/7
    More Ways To Staying In Touch – with families and friends living further apart there are a number of online service that can help to keep in touch
  • Access To Information – Organisations are putting more and more information online, search engines like Google and Bing contain the answers to lot of questions and signpost to what you might need

We are working in partnership with a company called Digital Unite - an independent digital skills company. They have provided us with free guides, training & support to help us to deliver events and 1-2-1 sessions with residents to introduce you to the world of the internet, improve your digital skills and confidence.

You can use the guides to teach yourself or to support friends or family on their digital journet.  Click on the icons below to link through to the guides

Computer Basics
Creating Documents
Digital Photography
Email & Skype
Hobbies & Interests
Internet Security
Music & Audio
Shopping & Banking
Smartphones & Tables
Social network & blogs
TV & Video
Using the Internet