Stop Tenancy Fraud

It is a condition of the tenancy agreement for the tenant to occupy the property as their main or principal home and it is illegal for a tenant to let their home to someone else.

Tenancy fraud happens where a tenant has sublet the whole of their property. This is a breach of their tenancy and fraud. This stops us from letting our homes to those in greatest need.

Together we can make sure that the correct people are living in our properties. You can help us by calling us on 0800 111 4013 or e-mailing us at if you suspect or know that one of our homes is not being lived in by the actual tenant.   To help us with our investigations we will normally ask you for some details about why you think this is the case, and a telephone number or e-mail address so we can contact you again if we need to. We can keep your details anonymous and will not disclose your details to the tenant if you prefer although this may weaken the evidence we have available to us.

Where we believe that a property is not occupied by the tenant, we will visit homes unannounced, ask questions and ask to see:

• photographic proof of identification (i.e. passport, driving licence)

• proof of residence (e.g. bank statement, utility bill)

These checks will be carried out by our staff at any time. Please remember all our staff and agents will carry photographic identification and you should always ask to see this before letting someone into your home.